A tiny tour of me (aka my room)

My room could be categorized into many things. Described as a space where I, essentially, blossom into my own mind and create.

It is my reading nook, my resting place, my creative space, where I go to either yell into a pillow or escape reality, the destination of my early-morning fashion dilemmas, midday classical music party venue, and late-night thinking void.

It is an extension of me (and *cough* my sister because we share a room but for today I’m only gonna show you where I dwell).


My bookshelves carry so many dimensions in words, there’s not much to see but I’m proud of them.

Our dad built these with PVC pipes and wood and we picked this color JUST because it was called “Mermaid Tears” and c’mon, why not??!!

As you can see, I like to decorate with cameras, nature, paintings, etc. Not really neat 😂 but satisfying (and I know where everything is).

Also, beside my books is where our record player resides. Very, very old and at rest for the moment.

Creative Spaces

Hellooooo first picture of a very messy vanity!! You are what keeps me looking sane before going out, both my hair AND my face.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And hellooooo trusty bed. Yes, that’s a pillow pet (nice of you to meet Harold) my friend gifted me as a moving-away present.

Yes I’m almost 20 buuuut don’t worry I’ll find a proper home for it very soon. Hopefully.

So my bed.

I lay on my belly and write, edit, do all 50 hours a day of homework sitting criss-cross applesauce (when sitting on the chair at the desk starts making my butt go numb), sometimes but not always read, build forts and watch movies with my sisters and brothers, play around with my ukulele, do most of my blogging, listen to music, and plan for the future here.

Oh yea, I also sleep on my bed.

Who knew, right?

You can’t see it in these pictures but to the right of my bed are drawers where we keep all our art stuff like sketch pads, paints, clay, etc. Everything art related.

P.S. There was a mannequin next to my bed as of yesterday. I used to dream of being a fashion designer and even made my own clothes but alas, my talents clearly lie elsewhere. It now resides under my bed.


The first picture is what you see once you walk up the stairs.

On the opposite side of that case is what I like to call “the nook”.

THIS. This is where most of my writing originates from. That which is put down in journals and as poetic nonsense only I can understand. It’s as secluded as can be secluded in our very open room so I use this to my advantage.

Here’s also where I read if I’m tired of being on my bed and need a small change of scenery (yes there’s such a thing).

There used to be a glow-in-the-dark skeleton and paper snowflakes on that door to the attic. No biggie.

Just ignore the left-behind tape that won’t come off 😂



As you can see, my CD player is the main attraction of this table. I don’t have many cd’s and my collection consists mainly of classical music, Broadway tunes, indie bands I think have great cover art, homemade mixtapes, and Christmas music.

60% of my collection is Christmas music actually.

Also, my favorite copies of Anne of Green Gables are on here because who doesn’t read Anne of Green Gables when they’re bored??!!

Below my nightstand is where I keep my journals, records (now currently atop the nook divider), and The Little Prince.

I’m very fond of those three, in no particular order.

The brown box you see in the second picture is where I keep all my binders and random knick knacks I don’t feel like displaying. In here are books I’ve written, songs I’ve also written and composed (for the ukulele), and a grand number of random items like a picture of my great-grandfather whom I’ve only met twice?

Anyways, beside that is an umbrella I found while thrifting and it has Chinese dragons painted on the top which I think is super cool. I don’t ever actually use it, I just like to look at it once in a while (especially after I reread Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet).

That is officially the tour of my room.

Congrats on snooping through my stuff though you didn’t really even get off of wherever you’re sitting at in this moment but that’s besides the point.

I hope you now have a more expanded understanding of my space and maybe even decide to use some ideas for a room of your own!!

Let me know if you have anything similar where you’re at 🤗

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