Feelings – It’s You

Ever think back to a specific person, a specific memory and kind of shock yourself at everything you are capable of feeling? Feeling is the master puppeteer, connected to our minds through thin strands of non discernment.

Sometimes the thoughts become pain, sometimes you really can’t bear it, but pain becomes memory… in its own time. So it’s okay. You’re okay.

These upcoming months I’ll be doing a collective of stories, poems, photography, music, and artwork created by the community (aka people I know, people I’ve sought out just for this, and people who’ve come up to me and wanted to create something) all under the topic “Feelings”.

Today it’s all about you.

An Author’s Muse

You have inspired me

All of this is for you

Every manifestation and detail contemplated

You have inspired me

The emotions: sorrow, elation, frustration

Lyricists write songs about you

Actors perform characters like you

Writers write tales in your honor

You are my inspiration

An inspiration that has burrowed inside for unknown reasons

Metamorphosis quick as seasons

Celestial invigoration

My hopes are to move on from you and find a new birth

One that lasts and creates expansive ambivalence

There are two options

That you never see this and never see the truths

Or that you discover all the thoughts

And hopefully

You realize how important you have become

A vast sky of constellations

Connecting dots


Puzzled Thoughts

It’s 11:47pm

I am lying down

Thinking about what to put down and express myself

I think about letting go, memories, us

Thoughts go straight back to you

In fact its 11:48pm and I’m thinking about you and how we have not spoken in weeks

I want to be honest but even at 11:49pm I cannot be honest with the way I feel

Around you I feel confident about being vulnerable and emotional

Because if you were here at 11:50pm you would not mind honesty

In fact I remember a time when you pleaded for my honesty, expressions and tears

But where have you been these untracked days

Was it a mistake?

Maybe word choices

Could it have been mannerisms and over expression?

It’s 11:54pm and currently my eyes are watering; blurring

Frustration is bubbling inside because I am not sure if you or I am at wrong

Why say you care if you do not act on it

11:55pm my mind is going blank

Tired of these games

I don’t know what to do

I want to be honest and creative; a poet or lyricist

But you are poisoning me with this idea of us at 11:58pm

Is it a coincidence that I am in literal pain as I think of you?

And at 12:00am all I want is you, again




I am the Earth

You are all of my natural disasters




My stalwart surface cracks with a quake of anxiety

Trembling as physicality becomes altered

Transforming the shape

A forest consuming fire of passion

You have become emotions and thoughts raging inside

Great floods engulf me with sadness

The depression is drowning me

Tornadoes twist and pull apart what is inside

The emotions pulled together by wind

Causing a swirling mix of emotions

I am trying to keep myself intact

But I continuously let you bombard me with attacks

Hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hailstorms

I give you pieces of me and you manipulate it back

Blizzards, sandstorms, monsoons, heatwaves

Silly is it not

How you have become a part of me

All of these natural forms of rebirth

You as a plague of destruction



Omar Muñoz – the author of the above poems – is a world changer, an artist, but most importantly he is family. If you want to see more created by this (amazing!!) man add him @omarmazing on Snapchat and follow his Instagram.

Also, definitely buy his poetry book ’cause it’s freakishly amazing.

Just kidding…  😉 he doesn’t have one but he should because he’s really really great and 10/10 would sell out in one week.


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