The vastness of everything

“I looked up at the stars tonight and noticed how life up there, in the celestial sky, is a story. Everything was made new, lived for many many years, and burst from existence. A glimpse to humanity below. Carried by the very hands who created them, and leaving their traces in the sky for all to see.”

The sky is so vast and otherworldly that astrology and mythology exists.

  • Dangerous thought: getting into this can subdue your brain into thinking there’s nothing wrong with astrology and mythology. The truth is, they are started by pagan beliefs and are not of God. Below is a video of a couple who used to be ghost-hunters explaining their experiences during the time in that “world” and how their eyes have opened into realizing what horrors were actually happening that nobody thought of as anything remotely concerning (aka ghost hunts and contacting spirits of loved ones).



People actually worshiped and genuinely believed that the stars and planets were beings in another lifetime – some even still believe it to this day. That they were capable of emotions and grandiosity and whatever else ancient people could think of to use as thanks.

It’s pretty insane to think of how even back then, ESPECIALLY back then, the sky felt so out of reach and immaculate. It feels like humanity has always been trying to inch closer and closer to the impossible, always choosing GO, GO, GO, over appreciating what is right in front of them.

It fascinates me.

This thought that humanity has changed but… not really changed. We’ve always longed for an explanation, for something more.

“For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

Colossians 1:16-17

Anyways, this post will go everywhere (because I’m not done here okay) but I hope if you get ONE thing out of this, it’s that only one God is capable of creating/maintaining/perfecting this universe. We aren’t here because of some group of deities or a god that was created or anything like that. We’re here because He wanted us to be here and He keeps making more and more and more in the great beyond. Because it pleases Him.

AND he created all this out of nothing.

What a mind-blowing thought, right?!

“In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:”

Ephesians 1:11

He didn’t just create and let it all go, leaving us off like an impersonal, uncaring god. He created and is currently still working on us. If He were to let go, all things would cease. Cave in on themselves. In Revelation, John talks about the heavens unfolding themselves like a scroll. Look it up for yourself so you can see.

As an afterthought, why do you think the universe keeps expanding? Time, space, and matter is itself changing as I am writing this – for with God, one year = a thousand for us, a thousand for us = one year for Him.

From the moment he brought this world into existence it has been established.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning”; the creation of TIME itself. God isn’t a WAS, he was not created, he IS. He invented time.

“God created the heaven”; SPACE.

“And the Earth”; all MATTER.

Time, Space, and Matter. The properties of this entire universe. Like I mentioned before, all out of nothing. How in the world (hehe) could you STILL not believe in a God this powerful?



“The galaxies outside of our own are moving away from us, and the ones that are farthest away are moving the fastest. This means that no matter what galaxy you happen to be in, all the other galaxies are moving away from you.

However, the galaxies are not moving through space, they are moving in space, because space is also moving. In other words, the universe has no center; everything is moving away from everything else.”



Dave Rothstein, a former graduate student and postdoctoral researcher at Cornell has made a great point related to the expansion of the universe:

“I’ll say this: if the universe is infinitely big, then the answer is simply that it isn’t expanding into anything; instead, what is happening is that every region of the universe, every distance between every pair of galaxies, is being “stretched”, but the overall size of the universe was infinitely big to begin with and continues to remain infinitely big as time goes on, so the universe’s size doesn’t change, and therefore it doesn’t expand into anything. If, on the other hand, the universe has a finite size, then it may be legitimate to claim that there is something “outside of the universe” that the universe is expanding into. However, because we are, by definition, stuck within the space that makes up our universe and have no way to observe anything outside of it, this ceases to be a question that can be answered scientifically. So the answer in that case is that we really don’t know what, if anything, the universe is expanding into.”

Keywords (or rather, phrase): “this ceases to be a question that can be answered scientifically”.

An astronomer can’t fully answer this, an astronomer claimed that if, in fact, the universe if “finite” then this cannot be something tangible. It isn’t something science can explain.

Then what exactly, can?

Everything has a reason, a purpose, and an explanation. Maybe something supernatural? Definitely something supernatural.

Think about it. Let it roam around in your head for a while.


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