There’s something about this year

2018 has been a year of many feelings.

I don’t think it’s just me that is noticing this either. It’s as if this country has been suddenly blinded and wants to make all the wrong decisions… all at once.

All these shootings have me on edge, feeling anxious and have me looking over my shoulder 24/7.

The way the government is slowly setting themselves up to be enemies more and more each day has me angry, we are not safe.

These wars being fought – most of them being the U.S. trying to step in and save the day but refusing to offer refuge to those being hurt and refusing to accept the repercussions on its own citizens – and nobody doing ONE SINGLE thing to stop this play of fire with fire.

Freedom? What is freedom anymore? You can’t go out and take a walk without fear of being jumped or violated or humiliated or killed. You can’t speak up without being shut down by those in power. You can’t even live a normal, stress-free life because money, selfishness, and massive waves of laziness have taken over the generations before us and we are now stuck between having to work harder than ever for our lives and losing it in the process.

I’ve taken to praying for this country because, although there will be an end (closer than we might realize), we need to wake up from whatever is lulling us to sleep and be the change this world needs. Even as everything around us goes crashing down.

God IS the only answer.

You WON’T go to the right place after this all blows over if you don’t accept that.

It’s hard, I know, I understand. But I’m telling you now that it will get worse and we have to keep our guard up even more to not let the world enter into our lives. Following the world is easy, following God will get you somewhere.

So next time you make a decision and you’re tempted to choose the lighted, heavily treaded path over the grown-over one, rethink it. Would you rather have the best now – in this passing-through place – or for eternity? I don’t know about you but I choose eternity.

Because I care about my God more than I care about this beautiful, material, temporary earth.

It sounds like a cliché Christian thing, I don’t care I know it does, but it’s the truth; and the truth is the only thing that matters these days. Roll your eyes or whatever but when things go down, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

I wasn’t planning on ranting but I also didn’t think (as a five year old little girl) that at 19 I’d have to live through the prophecies the Bible mentions – AND EVERYBODY IS IGNORING BTW.

So yea, anyways… I said it, you make your choice. If you wanna talk to me about it and roast whatever topic it is you feel like suffocating then I’d rather you come up to me than anybody who might take it the wrong way. Trust me, I doubted before but now my faith is set in stone.


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