A chat with “Questions from a Teenager”…



Having friends on the internet spans the whole spectrum, basically, ’cause like they could either be the best people you’ve ever encountered or the worst creeps.

This was one of those moments where the person on the other side of the screen was absolutely amazing. We clicked instantly.

Mind you, we live on separate ends of the earth (almost, not really) and the seven-hour difference only allows us to speak certain moments of the day but we made it work nonetheless. Talk about dedication  😎

Anyways, her name is Fiona and she runs a blog called “Questions from a Teenager” and basically you should just go check it out because she is such a hardworking, creative girl… It’s impressive. She also edits a magazine – fully run by bloggers and creatives – called UNTAMED. You can find them on Instagram: @magazineuntamed

P.S. This is only the ending of the whole conversation. If you want to read the first half, then go visit her website.

P.P.S She’s portrayed as green, I’m blue.

Without further ado, here it is!!



On the subject of books… Any favorite genre(s)?


I’d say fantasy is probably my most read book genre.

Historical Fiction (because I’m obsessed with the Outlander book series), Thriller, Fiction, Poetry and Dystopia are also genres I enjoy and read quite frequently.


Definitely Historical Fiction and Fantasy

I’m not sure if memoirs are a genre but I enjoy reading about true stories – if it is in the form of a Graphic Novel, then 100 times better!


Describe your favorite color without actually naming it.


My favorite color could be described in many ways, but these are my interpretations.

When I look all around, left, right, forwards, back and see the people I love smiling at each other. Lost in conversation and soothing comfort. When I’m sitting in front of a campfire and laughing until my ribs start to hurt, that’s bubbling happiness. A type of feeling I know no person could come and pop without battling the fierce love of my friends first.

When I sit alone in the grass and let the warmth of the setting sun seep through to my bones. Running through a field of just-bloomed wildflowers. My favorite feeling of this color though is most definitely when I look up at the sky and get a desperate need to just touch each droplet of water in the clouds until they get seared into my memory, that bright longing to soar above.

Guess which color!!!

Oh my God, this is harder than I thought.

Right off the bat my first instinct was a yellowish orange color… Is that even remotely close?


Wow you’re good



My favorite color is yellow

The whole spectrum; yellow as lemons and a sunset


It was honestly just a guess based on instinct and I don’t know why but I was SO NERVOUS waiting for your reveal hahaha




At its depth I think it can best be described as a very three-dimensional colour, not just because when I think of it, it appears three-dimensional in my mind but also because I see many different layers and meanings attached to it. At first sight it may appear as a very cool colour but at its core it calms me down and gives me a sense of stability and safety. When I think of it I feel as if I am floating in this endless pool of thoughts and tranquility.

I see my closest friends, all of us connected through a bond made out of steel as if to shout “WE ARE UNITED”. I see dreams coming true. I see sadness in people’s eyes, yet hope underlying beneath.

Guess which colour

Oh gosh

Is it…

Light blue?

*fingers crossed*

*drum rolls*

You are…





wow my heart, I almost yelled

Damn, we’re good

I KNOW, it’s so nerve wracking


Ohhhh your paragraph description was really good, I can see why you’re a writer


Awwww thank you so much!


Same goes to you though, I was like damn that girl can write


Growing up. What kind of career would you like to have? Is writing something you see yourself doing?



Writing has been a huge part of my life ever since I could remember. It was my coping mechanism though hard times and when I need to breathe I imagine and dream up scenarios and stuff for characters or just other humans I’ve seen around the streets, which is why I need to continue with it more than just me wanting to. I’m not entirely sure yet WHAT I want to do with my English degree (when I graduate) but I know I want to help others.

I’m kind of a wannabe world changer, especially with my Christian views.

What about you?

Yes and no.

Like you said, writing has always been an important thing in my life but I am unsure if I would want to turn that passion into a job, mainly because right now, writing is something I need. It doesn’t feel like a chore and I can choose what to write about. That being said, I do think that my writing skills will come in handy as I am interested in digital marketing and content management at the moment.

I do hope that I continue with writing for my blog and other sites/magazines though. I could see myself doing something like freelance writing for magazines in my spare time.


What motivates you the most?


I have said this a lot on my blog already but it’s something I have come to really learn and value; HARD WORK PAYS OFF.



Most think that just by tracing the edges of their work/job will be enough but what they don’t understand is that if you want to learn and get far, you just have to work hard for it.

There’s no value in everything being handed to you. 


I think it’s less about motivation and more about passion for me.

Like I said before, writing is something that comes naturally to me, it’s a way of getting everything out of my system, a form of therapy. Motivation has never been an issue for me, especially with my blog. I write because I have to – I write because if I don’t, something wouldn’t feel right. I’ve been working really hard on my blog for the past year and that work brought me a small community that I like to call my blog family. They have all been incredibly supportive and loving and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I have had since.

Finally, I love to push myself creatively. It’s why I have come to learn and enjoy so many different mediums of expression.


What you said about ‘if you don’t write, something wouldn’t feel right’ is so true. Us writers thrive off of our words and that to me is a beautiful thing.

Seeing how far I’ve come, how much I’ve changed for the better and how much is still left to change in the world. Honestly. That and every time I look at how successful others have gotten (through hard work and determination) and realizing that I can be that way too if I work at it.

I want to be a light, one word at a time.


When did you realize you wanted to become a blogger/writer? Even if it was just for a little while…


When the words I wrote as a kid started to pop off the page and I got to feel something. Just the experience of writing and the emotions it can evoke… It’s addictive.


There are a LOT of horrible things I’ve written in my life – stuff that’s just for me and projects that became failed works – but I knew I wanted this to be a forever thing because, although it sucked, I wanted to keep going. I WANTED to keep creating.

Now, this isn’t to say that there haven’t been days when I just want to throw everything I’ve ever written far far away and never write again but I always end up falling back on my words.


I mean, same girl, same; who HASN’T written some terrible shit?!

Writing is about the journey. When I look back on some of my old work I feel proud knowing how far I have come since. And I can relate to that so much. To me it’s like a force out of my control now. It’s like a necessity.


It’s like a constant, exactly.

I’ll always love doing it, whether I like to write or not.

Blogging just skims the top of what really goes through my head, it’s like the film above all the creativity. There are things I can’t say on the internet that I can make others feel through books (or essays or responses).

But that’s just me.


I think it was a fairly natural step in my writing development. One day I just realized how great it would be to connect with other individuals on topics we love and enjoy.

So I started my first blog, Recap Wizard, because at the time I was trying to educate myself on film and series and wanted to have a place where I could gather my thoughts. It was a year or two in when I realized that a blog that fit a certain niche (in my case entertainment, films, series) wasn’t enough for me anymore. I decided to additionally create a personal blog, Questions From A Teenager, that had no boundaries, no restrictions… that that blog would simply be me.

And I dare say that it has become the essence of me.


Blogging has allowed me to find out so many things I didn’t even know I liked or was capable of doing and not only expanded that knowledge, but helped me become… well, me.

The fact that I’m creating something new is insane to think about some days and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this creative outlet.



So there you have it (the second half at least). A little snippet into the minds of creative individuals.

I hope you took something out of it, I hope it made you feel a little better about yourself because we all have doubts, we all stumble, but we’re all capable of finishing the race.

Let me know in the comments if you want more of these conversations!

It was wayyyy too interesting for me to not do it again.

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  1. I had so much fun collaborating with you on this, Shelly! One of my favourite collabs so far – it was extremely interesting to get to know you and I hope I’ll get to know you even more in the future!

    ps. If I see any hummus memes in my feed, I’m sending them to you from now on lol

    1. amabilialifestyle says: Reply

      Back at ya Fiona! Definitely the most fun collaboration blog post 🙂
      Now that you opened my eyes to them I’ve been noticing hummus memes ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE its like a sudden meme bombardment and I can’t say I hate it.

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