This is frightening,  this is getting out of hand, but most importantly, this shouldn’t even be a problem.

I will never understand how somebody could be so disgusting in choosing to target children, to murder at all. Have you seen the videos of what its like inside of the school while in a lockdown? In the heat of the moment, nobody cares whether or not they look bad by yelling and crying out of fright like some – during drills – say they won’t be caught doing. It’s ugly. And it needs to stop.


Here’s a video a student took on their phone from inside a classroom during the Parkland shooting:


Did you know that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida was at least the 208th school shooting since the one in 1999 at Columbine High School? Ten of them resulted in more than four deaths, including the suicide/shooting of the perpetrator(s). Not all of them included deaths or injuries to other students and teachers, but they all included deranged minds behind the gun… and massive amounts of unnecessary publicity in local (on some even national) news.

I appreciate that students are finally rallying together and doing something to change this problem – I really am – but what most don’t understand is that by taking away guns entirely, we will find ourselves (the public) without a means to defend our own families from the government. This topic has been spoken about on so many levels, most get angry at the ones opposing the control of guns.




You know, it’s like this. Suddenly the government has all the guns, supposedly for “protection”, and we have none. We have nothing to protect ourselves from them when really it should be the other way around according to the Constitution.

► The Constitution was created to assure the basic rights of citizens. It emphasized US being stronger than THEM, with checks and balances to make sure none of their branches became more powerful than another. It seems as if lately, the one document that has run our country since the beginning (to which the United States has taken a severe drop each time it has changed/taken away/added to) is being neglected more and more. Nowadays the government rules over its citizens; WHICH IS WRONG BY THE WAY SO WHY ARE WE LETTING THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN 👿 ?

Only illegally will we be able to acquire a gun (which is still going to happen if guns are taken away). This is why I am not for full gun control. I am all for the extensive screening, mental checks/training, and physical gun training each time anybody over the age of 21 wants to buy a gun. Remember, gun control won’t stop deaths because people who really want to kill will find other ways to do it (sad but true thought). It will lessen the deaths by gun as it increases death by other weapons. Really… which is “better”? They’re both horrible. 

I think almost every dystopian book written about a communist/dictatorship/controlling ruling party puts the government in total control and its citizens (aka slaves) left with no defense whatsoever. Most times they are brainwashed into submission, other times they are left with nothing to live for, and when they try to cause anarchy they are hunted and put to death. This is a serious issue and one that can become our everyday lives if we continue to let our government take away every single right we have to live freely and as our own person.



Oh and to those who want to arm teachers… really? You are seriously going to turn teachers – teachers who are here to educate and guide us (most of the time) – into weapons? Because that’s basically what you guys are doing. Do you have any idea how many teachers will use the fact that they are now legally allowed and trained to carry a gun into ways of threatening and intimidating their students? Do you not think about those students who will find ways of accessing the gun (is the weapon concealed in a drawer or cupboard? On the teacher? In the direct reach of him/her?) and turning against classmates or the teachers themselves? Have you given thought to how many arguments might end in serious injury – even death! – because of guns inside the classroom? Are you trying to cause more problems? Because that’s what it sounds like.

Imagine a student caught in an altercation with a teacher for an issue that could be easily solved (which happens often, if not every day) and the teacher becoming so enraged that, upon remembering they have a weapon, will place their hand over it – just a small brush of the palm is enough – and cause instant traumatic fear. Alternatively, the student reaching for the gun and wreaking havoc instantaneously (not only because of the lack of training, but because they have just bypassed every warning sign ticking off inside of their head of how bad of an idea this is anyways). Instead of teachers insisting for respect, they will insist on their authority through means of awful consequences. They might get reported, they might not, the point is teachers should NOT carry weapons for many many obvious reasons.

School is not a prison, school is for education. It is supposed to be a safe environment too but something went wrong along the way (*cough* entitled status, maybe? *cough*).


Keep fighting for this cause. Someday we might even be glanced at.


P.S. You should watch the movie “I’m Not Ashamed”. It talks about the Columbine shooting from a student’s point-of-view based on her actual diary during the last year of her life.




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