A Day at the Zoo

So we went to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere and to be honest, the area around it was much more beautiful than the zoo itself. We had a nice time Nashville Zoo at Grassmerelooking at the animals (I even got to pet a kangaroo!!) but overall it just wasn’t worth going unless you have friends for entertainment – of course. Even then, most animals were inside or unable to be seen. Could’ve been because it was the wrong time of year to go but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The animals were pretty cute though, I’ll tell you that.

My favorite part you may ask?
Well, they were giving tours of a historical house on the property (you can see some of the stuff inside of the house in the slideshow above) and history is kind of my thing so… that was my learning moment of the whole zoo experience.

Here’s the video evidence:

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere


As you can see, most of the greenery was more captivating than the way they kept the animals.
Anyways, you make your own decision if you decide to go. Clearly the season you visit makes a huge difference so I suggest you research and plan accordingly.

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