Spirit Runner – A Book Review

Spirit Runner by Richard Ferguson

Published January 12th, 2018

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The world contrives against a boy named Ron Campbell. His legs are mangled in a wreck and paralyzed. The people he loves die. His remaining relatives hate him. Only his indomitable spirit sustains him – he will attempt every obstacle, face every danger, and answer every challenge to pursue his impossible dream of Olympic marathon champion. But nothing can prepare him for what awaits. An epic journey of endurance lays ahead where he will learn that a true friend, whether animal or human, is the real prize of the world, and the mystical power of the spirit can work miracles.


Image result for richard ferguson biography oiorpataRichard Ferguson ran for the University of Texas. He has written for the Stars and Stripes in Europe, covered sports for the Houston Chronicle, and penned a column for Runner Triathlete News Magazine for years. His critically-acclaimed novel, Oiorpata (The Thriller), made the best-seller list of Amazon, and his most recent novel, Blue’s Point, was chosen to be featured in Kirkus Reviews Magazine. Richard has now used his experience from a lifetime of training, running, winning, and placing in races from the half-mile to 50K in his new novel, Spirit Runner.


This is one of those books that I would have read as a child and then searched far and wide for later on to reminisce. In other words, a book you just can’t forget.

Ron Campbell, a young boy, is one of those characters in a book you read that can’t escape your sentimental side. He’s a character you’d naturally want to pity, but know it isn’t possible. That’s how strong he is. 
Ferguson did an amazing job at capturing tremendous loss and constant abuse in the eyes of a kid. I was impressed. 
His knowledge of running and competition is evident during Ron’s training and races… not to mention the amazing advice Ron remembers his dad – an Olympic champion – giving him. 

With the help from his former nurse, Linda, personal trainer and physical therapist, Gene, the love of his grandfather, and his best friends Dovey and Emil, Ron is able to overcome his injury and surpass the greatest obstacle of all – figuring out who he really is. 
Everything else he battles are just mini hurdles to his greater purpose. 

The ending was predictable, but it still makes you feel good about all that went on before and his struggles mean nothing to the beginning of his new life. 
I would definitely recommend this book. It’s the ultimate in a short, easy, read but really packed a lot of raw emotion and reality in.


Scale – 1 = none, 2 = once or twice, 3 = neutral amount, 4 = at least once a chapter, 5 = an excessive amount
Graphic Scenes/Violence:
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Age Range Recommendation:
 Honestly, any age will enjoy this book.
Crude or Profane language:
 One or two words.
Drug or Alcohol Content:
 No scene that immediately pops up in my head.
Suggestive Scenes:
1   2   3   4   5
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