Interesting Words

Druxy (adjective) – something whole on the outside but rotten inside; of timber, having decay in the heartwood.

This is like watching yourself from the outside. 
A mere mirage. 
But you know you’re there, you know you’re real, it just doesn’t feel like it.
You tell yourself, “Okay, I’m gonna do so and so today and things are going to be alright.” But there’s still that nagging feeling on the inside that they won’t be alright. 
So naturally you remind yourself, “Yea, everything’s gonna be alright”, because tricking your mind into thinking this is all you have the energy for today. 

Sciamachy (noun) – a battle against imaginary enemies; sham fighting for exercise or practice

It’s like Peter’s shadow. Yea, that’s what I’m calling it.

Peter’s shadow follows you around and around, as you spiral through your day. 
You think, “I feel watched” as you walk around your room putting this and that away.
You think, “Why do I feel like fighting back”. 
You know there’s a battle coming soon. 
Okay, this is practice.
God’s preparing me for something big.
Really, you’re only locking yourself further up, further into the bars holding you back from everything else.
Maybe the battle is being fought now but you are just too busy focusing on staying out of it and letting others fight for you that you suddenly lost all focus. 
That’s how it feels like right?
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you ARE fighting, giving it all you’ve got. Maybe it just isn’t enough. 
Maybe you’ve got this all wrong, you’re looking at it from the wrong angle. Your belief isn’t on the list of right beliefs and so all you are doing to yourself is making it harder for Him to get through your door. 
Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, before it’s too late.

Kalon (noun) – beauty that is more than skin-deep

You look at yourself in the mirror. It’s okay, it’s just me.
It kinda hurts to see this so instead you decide to examine yourself from the inside out.
You can’t fathom why people rely on first glances, first impressions. It takes more than a face to realize true potential. The same reason it takes more than a simple greeting to fall in love; though unconsciously you’re slowly falling in love as you go through each day, each quirk, each unique moment. 
Beauty is like that too. 
It takes so much more than a pretty face to have a pretty heart (though having a pretty face doesn’t hurt, of course).
We were ALL created in a Godly image. 
We are ALL beautiful. 

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