Visiting a State Park

Old Stone Fort Archaeological Park

Last year, during fall, we visited a beautiful state park in Tennessee and here’s the video evidence: 

**It’s shaky and blurry and… yea, but I don’t have the right equipment okay so please take that into consideration**

I’ve been to this park a few times already and each is a different experience. There’s a little museum (they offer tours) and nice waterfalls that you can take pictures in front of and listen to the water as it hits the rocks below.
Hiking difficulty:
NO STROLLERS unless you want to be dragging it through leaves, dirt, and under fallen trees. It wasn’t difficult but it is pretty long for those not used to hiking.
Do a lot of people go?
Each time we went there were lots of cars but the trail is long enough so that you don’t run into many people at all while hiking. Of course, there will always be the busier days and the days where traffic is slower.
Is History incorporated?
YES. This used to be a Native American settlement and includes a mill and an unidentified stone building they deem “the fort”. You’ll find it as you’re walking and know exactly what I’m talking about because it looks like ancient ruins. Also, there is a small museum right at the entrance where they talk about the Natives in more detail.
Would I go again?
Yes. Like I said before, I’ve actually gone more than twice and I would definitely go again.

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